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GladĀ  to see my friend Freida today. She kinda always ignores me but I don’t let that bother me I still follow her everywhere. I thought I should post a current picture of me since all of my pictures are so out of date. My hair is getting a lot longer now and I look more like an adult yorkie. Here is a current pic of me…

Pic of Peanut the Stud

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Peanut’s Latest Puppy


Male puppy born Aug 2010

Male Yorkie Born 8/2010


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Hello From Peanut!

This is my first post on my blog. I am almost two years old now. I am the father of six already! I have three sons and three daughters, from different mothers. Actually my first ‘girlfriend’ had two girls and a boy and my next ‘girlfriend’ had two boys and one girl. They will all be going to new homes soon so I am ready to meet a new girlfriend!

I am going to rest now (I like to take a lot of naps) but I will blog more later.